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Introducing Charles Brandon

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Slip -n Slide CEO Speaks on Rick Ross' Chart Topping LP

Slip-N-Slide CEO Not Surprised Ross Tops Chart

April 29, 2009 - RB Hip-Hop

By Mariel Concepcion, N.Y.

After speculations on whether or not Rick Ross would outsell fellow rapper Asher Roth this week, or whether or not his beef with 50 Cent would affect his sales overall, Rick Ross tops the Billboard 200 this week with "Deeper Than Rap" (Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam), shifting 158,000 its first week.

But this comes to no surprise to Slip-N-Slide CEO Ted Lucas, who… Continue

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New Music Seminar Returns

The New Music Seminar To Return This July

April 26, 2009

By Ed Christman, N.Y.

The New Music Seminar is returning as a one-day event this summer. It was an event that created the template for music conferences by combining business and shows.

The New Music Seminar, to be held July 21 at the New York University Steinhardt’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, will be presented in association with the music business program at New York University… Continue

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The "Free" Debate

The 'Free' Debate

April 06, 2009 - Digital and Mobile

By Glenn Peoples, Nashville

Ad-supported music sites, file-sharing services and a wealth of music posted online are adding to the topic of "free" become a more common talking point. As companies search for new ways to monetize recorded music, expect free music to be a common theme.

Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail," has a book on the topic coming out in July and frequently posts about the concept… Continue

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No Platinum in first Quarter

Startling stats continue to roll in on the quickly-declining CD. The latest, unearthed by Hits Magazine, is that the first quarter was completely devoid of a platinum release. That is, no album specifically released during the first quarter has scored sales of one million, specifically in the United States. Additionally, only 39 releases scored first week sales north of 25,000.

On a broader level, year-over-year album sales are sharply down again, in the mid-teens percentages. Of… Continue

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Digital Music News Publisher Resnikoff's Parting Shot...After the Carnage

When bigger companies crash and burn, the explosion spreads far and wide. In the music industry, that includes oversized players like Tower Records, Virgin Megastores, Circuit City, and, for that matter, the near-bankruptcy of Sirius XM Radio. Others are simply magnets for attention upon implosion, including Spiralfrog, Ruckus, and Blender, among others.

But what about those still ticking? A third category is just struggling, and drawing the wrong kind of attention in the… Continue

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I-Tunes Price Increase ...Coming soon!!

A coming shift towards variable pricing on the iTunes Store will actually skew towards higher price points, according to sources close to the plan. Instead of a more even spread across 69-cent, 99-cent, and $1.29 prices, major labels are expected to disproportionately favor the $1.29 side of the aisle, resulting in greater costs overall. "Labels are pointing more towards higher prices than lower prices," one source told Digital Music News.

That means that older catalog songs - albeit… Continue

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In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the “color line” in professional baseball, becoming the first African-American since the end of the 19th century to play alongside white players in an official game. For many, Jackie Robinson’s entry into Major League Baseball presented a view into a future where much of American society would be fully integrated. As important as Robinson’s achievement was, it would overshadow perhaps an even greater example of… Continue

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AT&T First To Test RIAA antipiracy plan

March 24, 2009 9:53 PM PDT

AT&T first to test RIAA antipiracy plan

by Greg Sandoval Font size Print E-mail Share 75 comments Yahoo! Buzz

Updated Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. PDT to include quotes from AT&T and information about Comcast and Cox.

Updated Wednesday at 10:37 a.m. PDT to include a statement from an AT&T spokeswoman who wished to correct what she had previously said. She says now that the company asserts in the letters that it has the right to… Continue

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ISP's Discuss Anti-Piracy Initiatives

Updated: ISPs Discuss Anti-Piracy Initiatives

March 25, 2009 - Digital and Mobile

By Antony Bruno, Denver

Internet service providers AT&T and Comcast outlined their efforts to work with the music industry to combat online piracy during a panel session at the Leadership Music Digital Summit in Nashville this week.

Contrary to earlier reports, neither ISP has threatened to disable the Internet access of any of their subscribers as part of a “graduated… Continue

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A Parting Shot from Resnikoff on analog dollars to digital pennies

There's good news for a media industry forced to trade analog dollars for digital pennies. According to Jeff Zucker, the NBC Universal chief who coined the famous conversion rate, digital pennies are now migrating towards dimes. "We're at digital dimes now, we're making progress," Zucker said last week during the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York.

Overly optimistic? The updated assessment appears rosy, at least according to back-of-the-envelope calculations. Zucker refused to… Continue

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Irish Internet Service Providers fight back vs Music Industry three strikes policy.

Unenthusiastic about the prospect of disconnecting paying subscribers, a group of Irish ISPs has started fighting against three-strikes initiatives. The group, known simply as the Irish Service Providers in Ireland (ISPAI), is battling major label efforts to force ISPs to warn, warn again, then disconnect offending downloaders. "Privacy of user communications is protected in European and Irish legislation," the group stated in an open letter. "ISPs cannot be expected to ignore these merely… Continue

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New Music Today on Blog Talk Radio March 18 show


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Pay For Play comes to online radio. Is that a bad thing???

by Erick

When it comes to promoting new music, pay-for-play schemes are generally frowned upon. The practice, which involves music labels or artists paying radio stations to play their songs in heavy rotation, dates back to the beginnings of terrestrial radio. It got so bad in the 1950s that Congress had to intervene, but it keeps rearing its head in new forms.

Now, pay-for-play has hit online radio. Jango, a music streaming service which claims 6… Continue

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Big Music will surrender!!!But not until at least 2011.

By Michael Arrington

I had a surprisingly candid lunch conversation last week with a big music label executive, and a good part of our talk focused on the future of music. I asked the usual question: Why are you guys so damned clueless? Your business is disintegrating before your eyes, and all you do is go for short term cash gains (lawsuits, mafia-style collection rackets from venture backed music startups, etc.). The long term costs are horrendous - an entire… Continue

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Reselling MP3s' : The Music Industrys' New Battleground???

Reselling MP3s: The music industry's new battleground? | Digital Media - CNET News

by Greg Sandoval

A new digital music service is getting lots of attention for proposing to help consumers sell their used MP3s in much the same way people once unloaded second-hand albums.

Bopaboo has generated splashy headlines recently for coming up with what on the

surface seems like a good idea. Music fans have always exercised their

first-sale rights, which under copyright law,… Continue

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Record Stores Try To Get Their Groove Back

Record stores try to get groove back BY TIMOTHY FINN • MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS • February 22, 2009 -

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tuesday used to be sacramental in the world of music. It was new-release day, the day faithful music fans stopped by their favorite record store to buy something they'd been waiting for weeks to hear or to discover something they hadn't heard. Hundreds of album covers line the stairwell at Love Garden Sounds, a record store in Lawrence,… Continue

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Music Industry Must Embrace Illegal Services

Music industry must embrace illegal services

ByAndrew McDonald (Senior Reporter)

Tue Jan 20 2009, 10:40 AM UTC

The music industry must take its inspiration from illegal download services and

stop railing against file sharers in an effort to win profits, claim prominent

industry figures, including the head of the British Phonographic Institute

(BPI), Geoff Taylor.

Speaking at the MidemNet music conference in Cannes, Taylor said that talks

between… Continue

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95% of Music Downloads Illegal!

Some 95% of music downloads illegal, says report

ByAndrew McDonald (Senior Reporter)

Mon Jan 19 2009, 10:35 AM UTC

Despite a record year for paid downloads, 95% of all music downloaded from the

internet is illegal with no payment to artists and producers, says a new report

by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Throughout 2008 the music industry "transformed its business models" offering

consumers an increasing range of new… Continue

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Are Social Networks An effective tool for Music marketing

Marketing music on social networks – the MidemNet audience said ...

About 250-300 people attended my seminar at MidemNet last Sunday on Social Media, hopefully with rapt attention..!

As with previous years, we focussed the session on a hot topic affecting the music industry - this year with an additional emphasis on the artist-fan relationship. Social Media is by no means a new phenomenon, but is becoming well proven now as an avenue for marketing music and other media to a… Continue

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