Artist Spotlight- "Right Back" by ZootedRick is his first Major Label release. Check it out

Press Release- ZootedRick, “Right Back”

“Right Back” is the first major label release amid a growing catalog from ZootedRick, a captivating Miami artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry.

With a style and flow that will get you on your feet and a hook that is sure to stick in your head long after the song has ended, “Right Back” is poised to become a club staple and a party anthem for ZootedRick’s growing international fanbase.

Born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and raised in Miami, Florida, ZootedRick embodies the definition of hustle and grind in the music game. When asked how much time he spends in the studio, he responded, “24/7- everyday. And I even take it with me too.” And take it with him he does. “Lord Zooted” is constantly on the road from Miami to hip-hop destinations such as Atlanta for business pursuits, media requests, and performances with the likes of Euro Gotit and B La B. All this while finishing high school, ZootedRick is a rare breed among his peers in the industry.

Dripping in designer clothing & accessories and sporting colorful dreads, ZootedRick has a look that makes him stand out even in the most crowded room. While in Miami’s famed Design District, tourists from the US and abroad will frequently stop him to ask for photos and autographs- some even before they’ve heard his music. Whether from his up-tempo hits, lively performances, viral social media content, or casual encounters such as these, ZootedRick continues to make fans out of everyone who crosses his path.

There’s no doubt that “Right Back” brings the high energy and vibes that a young generation of hip-hop fans craves. But listen again and you might catch the true depth of the lyrics. The premise for the song is a perfect metaphor for the dueling feelings and emotions experienced by many in the music industry. Staying grounded amid the constant and enticing lures of fame and fortune creates a struggle that is characteristic of many artists. “Head above the water but I feel like I’m drowning. Ten toes on the ground but I feel like I’m flying.” Lyrics like this are masterfully tucked away amid the depiction of a luxurious lifestyle that is the envy of many. Loaded with something for all listeners and with a unique sound that is refreshing in the South Florida rap scene, “Right Back” will remain a highlight of ZootedRick’s discography as he continues his ascent in the industry.

Released by Sony Music & Wealth Nation, you can download and stream “Right Back” by ZootedRick on all major platforms.

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