GregR&B Drops A New Album Titled “Love Again”

GregR&B Drops A New Album Titled “Love Again”

Talented R&B singer and songwriter, GregR&B, announces the release of his “Love Again” album as well as the video to the single “Cuddle Moves”

GregR&B looks committed to challenging the status quo in the music industry, especially in the R&B genre as he recently released an album titled “Love Again.” In a related development, the talented artist has dropped the video to “Cuddle Moves,” which is currently available on YouTube, as he continues to serenade R&B enthusiasts and lovers of good music with his amazing voice.

I’m looking forward to hitting the top of the billboard charts along with bringing the element of Love back to the music scene,” said GregR&B.

The music industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the decades, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market with several stakeholders. Tons of artists as well as music producers and even record labels have emerged in recent times. Unfortunately, one can hardly dispute the claim that a majority of the songs coming out of speakers nowadays have deviated from the true essence of making music, as they often lack content. However, GregR&B is looking to change this narrative, a claim substantiated by the creation of Hits On Fye Inc. and the recent launch of his album.

GregRnB delivers an amazing mix of entertaining yet thought-provoking lyrics on captivating sounds that will have the audience moving their body all day every day. The album, inspired by his true passion and love for R&B Soul music, was written by GregRnB. This is a further reiteration of the singer’s creativity and ingenuity with words as he creates magic through his voice.

The “Cuddle Moves” video has also continued to do good numbers across different platforms, as the singer pours his mind into every line illustrating the message of the song along with the beautiful vixen.

For more information about the album launch, the new video, and other works from GregR&B, please visit - GregR&B can also be found on social media, including Instagram and YouTube where he has continued to increase his fan base.

About GregR&B

GregR&B is a gifted singer and songwriter from Rochester New York. The talented R&B started singing in the church choir at the age of 11 before his mum introduced him to rap. Inspired by his mum, GregR&B decided to do music and went on to establish Hits On Fye Inc, subsequently releasing the record Dripp by Jgotitt.


Media Contact

1. Company Name: Hits On Fye Inc

2. Address: Atlanta Ga 30331

3. Country: United States

4. Contact details( 678-378-4869 - )

5.Contact person Ron Hudson

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