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Letter From Philly Hip Hop Icon "Lady B" on the passing of "Mr Magic"

For those who often refer to me as the queen of hip–hop radio, a title that I accept with great pride and appreciation, know that my heart is heavy because I have truly lost my king…….…Mr. Magic.

Mr. Magic was not only my dear friend but he was the only person with whom I've had a synonymous career. At the pinnacle of Hip-Hop’s most significant and historic time, we were the only radio personalities that rocked it on the airwaves. We took “digging in the crates” seriously. There were no hip-hop stores, no hip-hop stations, and no hip-hop promoters. We had to endure the wrath of station management, unearth diamonds in the rough and fight to get them on the air. Needless to say we had a lot in common. What we definitely shared, beyond any shadow of a doubt, was the way we lived, loved and defended this genre to the fullest. At a time when it was considered a fad, trend or an entity that would soon fade, we risked our careers to make sure that hip-hop would prosper.

Mr. Magic was inspiration for many of us.

Many knew him and many loved him for his talent, his tireless dedication and joyfully accepted his outrageous personality.

The smile is gone. The microphone is silent. For me, something that was whole is truly just a half now. Mr. Magic was a true hip-hop pioneer, and I can only pray and wish upon hope, that today’s current hip-hop community know of, remember and most importantly, respect his legacy forever. We have lost a true Hip-Hop icon.

Rest in peace Juice, I’ll miss you dearly

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