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Ez Longway “Thug In The Room” Video | @EzLongway

(DFE) Don’t Fold Entertainment presents, “THUG IN THE ROOM”. A lesson in thug life, “no playing by the rules”, brought to you by DFE and cosigned by none other than Real Nicca Radio, Bigga Rankin. “THUG IN THE ROOM”, a tale of the trials and testaments of that Thug Life. From the trap and trenches of Richmond, VA., and the thugs in the room all over, tune in and pay attention.…


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Trap Commander "He Hell" Video | @trapcommander1

Trap Commander and What If Global presents "He Hell" , a dope street record. After taking every stage he touches by storm, Trap Commander is back with the visual, come along for a ride with Trap Commander as he takes you on a journey through the mind of a street general!…


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TaTa Mami "Kaepernick" Single | @itzTaTaMaMi

TaTa MaMi LLC. / Illest Records rising star TaTa MaMi drops off her latest offering “Kaepernick”. Fed up with Police Brutality and social injustice, TaTa MaMi takes her frustrations out on the beat.

Click Here to Stream via ALL…


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AJ From The 9 - More Sounds From The 9

AJ From The 9 Delivers His Latest Project ‘More Sounds From The…


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Nique Got-It “It's Hard” Video | @NiqueGot_It

Nique Got-It out of Muskegon, MI., rapper and recording artist recently dropped his latest offering, "It’s Hard". On "It's Hard", Nique Got-It teams up with D.Wade to deliver and instant street classic via CMC Ent. LLC. "It’s hard to be a rapper cause I wanna sell dope", proclaims Nique Got-It, check out the official video today.…


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Artist Mystorwe All Set To Release A New Album

Presenting the work of Splitfinga Entertainment owner & Streets Love Life HipHop Artist 

Spencer, Oklahoma – May 14th, 2021 – Artist Mystorwe, founder of Splitfinga Entertainment, has released his latest album, 'Universal Language.' The talented hip-hop and rap artist is fast on his way to receiving widespread recognition and appreciation for his work. The first-ever album Mystorwe, released via Splitfinga Entertainment, was titled…


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Uplifting Listeners with Upbeat Dance and R&B Music: Emerging Artist Dewaine G Jackson Releases New Single

With his refreshing and unique new musical composition “The Sky Is the Limit”, encouraging listeners to seize their goals, Dewaine G Jackson is set to soar to success, collaborating with budding R&B talent Mark French.

Phoenix, Arizona - May 14th, 2021 -  A rising act in the moving and multi-faceted world of Dance and…


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Steve Contino Releases His Fifth Song, “Dreamer”

Listen to this Christian rock musician for meaningful music

Rock Hill, South Carolina – May 14th, 2021 – A new artist, Steve Contino, believes it is never too late to follow one's dreams, which is also reflected in the artist's budding career. Although it may seem that Contino has started late, at an age when most people would shy away from pursuing a career in music, Contino's talents make up for it all. Moreover, the singer has over two…


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Creating Ripples In The Dynamic Hip Hop and Rap Industry: Rising Superstar Shyerome Unearths Enthralling New Single

Shyerome, with his newest single “Somebody”, has proven that not only does he mean business, he is also not taking any prisoners and aims to inspire with his lyrical abilities.

Houston, Texas – May 14th, 2021 – Shyerome is a rising talent who knows how important it is to put in the work and respect the grind, day in and day out. As an up-and-coming hip hop and rap phenomenon,…


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Sacred Medicine Musicians Release A New Album

Emotive music that will transform the listener

Ventura, California – May 14th, 2021 – Artists Ena Vie and Howard Lipp have released a new album titled ‘Sono Ceremonia.’ Hypnotic, evocative, and melodic, this album stems from the personal connection the two artists have with music and medicine. Deeply emotional and resonant, ‘Sono Ceremonia’ - is a guided ceremony for the listener, leading them to an altered…


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Did You Think Punk Rock Was Dead? The Ratigans Are Back with An Album to Make Rock Punk an Alive Genre Again and To Give Out the Message to Their Fans That Rock Punk Is as Alive as It Ever Was.

The group of three friends who love making and playing music is back with another album. Their work is inspired by oldies and pop-punk, making their music one of a kind and truly unique.

Sandwich, Illinois  – May 14, 2021 – The Ratigans is a band that consists of three friends that write and perform music together. They share a common passion and interest for music and hence bring music that blasts the punk rock genre with a bang. The band…


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Gaten "Add Up" Video | @gatenmusic

Gaten Music LLC & Artist Revenue Solutions present rapper and recording artist "Gaten." his latest offering from the street"s most demanded album, "Opp-eration Z6ne", "Add UP." This time around, "Gaten" enlists Rylouis to deliver an instant street classic.…


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Donta Glo “Miami” Interview | @DontaGlo

Legacy Media rapper and recording artist, Donta Glo took the streets of Miami, FL. by storm recently.

He stopped by a few key media outlets in the city for some interviews to bring the good folks of "Da Bottom" up to speed with Chicago, IL. next to go. His interviews always deliver a great message and are enjoying and entertaining to watch.…


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Sir Charles ENT. “Flexin on Flexin” Lyric Video | @SirCharlesEnt

Sir Charles Ent. recently brought us his motivational trap rap record “Flexin on Flexin”. Sir Charles Ent. delivers one catchy line after another and could very well be your new hood anthem, having all the hustlers and go-getters screaming "Blessing on Blessing". Learn the lyrics today and vibe with Sir Charles Ent.…


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Olisae "Mahasani" Single | @Olisae__

Olisae is back with "Mahasani", a deeply personal song about the connection he has with his lover. The title is taken from the Lakota language with its etymological meaning 'My Other Skin'. Olisae exposes intimate inner thoughts on the sacred rituals of both their affection and sexual connection. The tracks plays like a visual work of art.…


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Percussion Reimagined By Collaborative Band a.k.a BUTCH JEROME

Listen To A Reimagined Conversation in ‘La Prima Lingua’ By a.k.a BUTCH JEROME

Los Angeles, California - Music is often known as the language of the soul. Whether one is a professional or not, music is always going to touch the heart and soul. In the interest of pursuing this experiment, the collaborative percussion band, a.k.a BUTCH JEROME, is out to make conversation.

The collaborative band comprises Butch Norton and Michael Jerome,…


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Aspiring Artist Amdy Releases A New Inspirational Song

This artist knows how to offer the best through his music

Rowlett, Texas – Emerging artist Amdy has released a new single titled "Tell Me Tell Me," an interesting blend of reggae and R&B music. This single was written, sung, directed, and arranged by the artist and showcase his style and technique. Following an easy-going, conversational style, the single has an enjoyable, upbeat melody that listeners will enjoy.

Amdy's interest in…


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Folk Music Artist Bruce Nunnally Releases A New Single

Acoustic guitar player and singer showcases his talent once again

Fairview, Texas – May 12th, 2021 – Artist Bruce Nunnally is set to release his three-song single, "Know Yourself, Part 1" on May 14th. An American folk musician, Nunnally's music stands out because of its gentle, expressive quality. The talented artist's latest release is intended to be the first part of a song series; short and sweet, the planned monthly 3-song singles offer…


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[Video] Louie Moe 'Players Anthem' | @1LouieMoe

Soaring high out of Louisville, Kentucky is none other than female emcee Louie Moe! On Monday (April 12th), the Louisville rhymer dropped off her latest video titled, “Players…


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International Songwriting Sensation JD’s Time Machine Unleashes Soulful New Single to Reinvent Soul in Collaboration with Cleveland P. Jones

“Kiss of Freedom” feels like a breath of fresh air in a time where Soul music needs more listeners and more songs with feeling – Cleveland P Jones and James Day carry Soul on their backs with their powerful lyricism and imagery.

Brooklyn, New York – May 12th, 2021 - The world has missed classy and invigorating Soul music for quite a while. We can, however, thank James Day and Cleveland P. Jones for taking it upon themselves to bring back the…


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